Science Project Advisors Program

Youth Innovation Club is collaborating with Santa Barbara Partners in Education to bring the Science Project Advisers Program to local junior high schools.  Students working on science fair projects have the opportunity to meet with scientists on campus, or submit questions online. 

Here are what students said about the program:

“My mentor pointed me to certain parts which after some research helped me develop my design.”

“Our mentor was very helpful in that she brought to our attention many details of the project that we were not aware of. She taught us many factors that are hidden but play a big role in a good science project.”

“They can really explain all of the problems I have in my project. After I explain what I have done, they give me better solutions.”

If you are a student and you need help with your science project, you can submit your questions here:

Once you submit your questions, you should find your project in the below links based on which school you are from within 24 hours.  Please give our volunteers some time to get back to you with thoughtful answers.  

If you are not from our partnered schools listed above, you can still submit questions.  We will post the answers to Q&A with Scientists or Engineers.  

For more information, email:

Nonprofit Tax ID: 83-3074878

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