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Scientist &


Students Served


Scientist &


Students Served

Youth Innovation Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  We initially held several exploratory events in 2018 and officially launched operations in April 2019. Since then we have been bringing a diverse group of scientists and engineers to local schools to guide students with exciting projects in small group settings. To date, we have done this without any funding or fee, relying solely on the support of passionate and qualified volunteers in our community.  By making a donation to Youth Innovation Club, you will help us scale our program and bring quality STEM education and inspiring role models to more students in the Santa Barbara area.

What we have achieved in 2019
Your donation will help us reach more students, particularly those from low-income communities
Help us reach our goal for 2020

For more information, email:

Nonprofit Tax ID: 83-3074878

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