High Impact Tutoring Program - Science/Math

Youth Innovation Club offers High Impact Tutoring Program to Goleta Valley Junior High School

In late November 2020, Youth Innovation Club launched an in-class tutoring program at Goleta Valley Junior High School. The program provides one-on-one support to students who are struggling with their science or math assignments.

With the COVID-19 pandemic widening the existing academic achievement differences between middle-class and low-income students, we are deeply concerned that for many students who are struggling to engage with online learning, the academic fallout can contribute to behavioral challenges or depression.  

We have found that although there are many online tutoring programs, these programs mostly go to students who can afford them. We also know many people in our community who would like to help and provide support for those who need it the most. but have a difficult time navigating through the school system.


Our approach has always been working directly with teachers. Teachers identify students who need intervention and our tutors work one-on-one with students to help with their science or math assignments. After any tutoring session, we report students' progress back to the teachers. Our goal is not only to assist students with their assignments but also to help students develop skills to advocate for themselves.

As of Jan 2021, we have placed 20 tutors in 5 classes each week to support students. We need your support to ensure our program is sustainable and we are hoping to expand our service to more students as the need is higher than ever.  


If you are a teacher in Santa Barbara public school and would like to request our support, please email: info@youthinnovationclub.org

"Vicki and her tutors have provided essential support to students over the past several months. Before any tutors began with students, VIcki was clear and cohesive in her email and phone communications to make sure that both groups — tutors and students — were well-prepared. We discussed the intention for tutoring, as well as factors for making sure the sessions were productive and efficient. During tutoring sessions, Vicki and her tutors were patient, encouraging, deeply knowledgeable, and professional. Students reported enjoying the sessions and getting the support they needed to complete assignments, prepare for tests, and feel more successful. Vicki was also cognizant of the importance of building relationships between tutors and students and tried her best to pair students with the same tutors while still accounting for the various topics students needed to cover in math and science. She and her tutors constantly sought feedback and offered valuable feedback to me as well. My students and I thoroughly appreciate the time and effort Vicki's team has put into our class and look forward to working with her in the future."

- J.Ferrer, AVID teacher, GVJH

"The service Vicki and her team are providing for our students is invaluable. One of the challenges of working with junior high students that are not doing well in their classes is that they are very timid and unsure of how to ask for help. This year has been an exceptionally difficult year to offer students extra help due to the distant learning format. It is more difficult getting students to open up and explain when and how they need help. Since Vicki and her team have joined our class as tutors, a number of students have actually begun to advocate for themselves. One student in particular has since reached out to me and asked for another time he can get help. He requested more tutoring with her team and has shown improvement because of the tutoring. The tutoring support students are getting is making a difference. I am grateful for the support and help Vicki and her team are giving my students. "

- D. Hemsley, AVID teacher, GVJH