COIVD-19 continues to impact our lives in every way. Many students are suffering emotionally and academically. Many educators concern that the COVID-19 pandemic will widen the existing academic achievement differences between middle-class and low-income students. 

More than ever, we need to support students who are struggling.  We are working directly with teachers to support their students during school hours.  All volunteers need to be screened and approved by the Santa Barbara County Education Office. All mentoring sessions will be supervised by a credential teacher over zoom.  

We are currently offering two programs and seeking volunteers with advanced degrees in STEM related fields. 

Image by Jeswin Thomas


Science Project Advising

Target students: students who choose to work on independent science projects.

High Impact Science/Math Tutoring

We team up with teachers to offer in-class tutoring services for students who are struggling with science or math.

We offer our support to public schools in the Santa Barbara area (grades 5-8). If you are a teacher and would like to request our support during your class time, please contact: