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COVID-19’s impacts have fallen unevenly, and many reports show that they appear to be deepening disparities in educational opportunity and achievement, many of them generations in the making. Our goal is to bring more resources from our community to support educators and provide equal opportunities for all students.  

For the upcoming school year (2021-2022), we are offering several mentoring programs. These programs were carefully crafted through discussions with teachers and school administrators on how to better engage students after a lost year. If you are passionate about inspiring the youth and have expertise in STEM-related fields, please consider volunteering with us.  



High Impact Science/Math Tutoring

We provide in-class tutoring services for students who are struggling with science or math.

Teachers and school administrators can request tutoring support by emailing  

Science Project Advisors

Wednesday or Friday 12:45pm-1:15pm 

We support the Santa Barbara Unified School District Science Fair program.  We provide mentors to help students design and implement their science fair projects.  

Science Class Mentors - College Buddies

We collaborating with UCSB's Community Based Literacies program (ED124) to pilot this mentorship program in Santa Barbara Junior High. 

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