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La Colina Science Project Page

Q&A with mentors (browse by project title)

Mechanical Engineering Projects 

1. How does the radius of a wheel affect a robot's movements

2. Solar Tracking Solar Panel  

3. Can a Robot write

4. Air Rocket Launcher Angle Experiment

5. How does different tension and string affect the power and control of a tennis groundstrokes

Electrical Engineering Projects

1. Testing substance’s affect on WiFi Strength

2. How Can Different Electromagnets Help Us With Smaller Activities?

3. Generators and Magnets

4. How to make an Electronic Resonance Chamber for a Flute

5. Cheap speech to text device

Biology, Environment and Ecology Projects

1. Banana Peel Bioplastic Strength

2. What rodent improves their time quicker to a maze? 

3. Which crop will grow best by ocean water?

4. How does the type of plant affect the amount of oxygen produced by a green wall?

5. Most efficient way to get water from soil.

6. Testing different algaes to determine which one goes through the most photosynthesis.

7. How effective are different beach defenses against storm surge

8. Do athletes have a better lung capacity than non-athletes?

9. Synthetic or Natural

10. Types of bacteria found in school

11. Is there a relationship between your fitness throughout the week and your lung capacity?

12. Right Amount of Salt

13. Light Patterns and Bioluminescent Plankton

14. How do different types of light affect the development of a plant?

Behavioral, Psychology Project

1. How does music affect test performance?

2. How do video games affect memory?

3. Two Truths and a Lie: Can You Detect the Lie?