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2018~2019 school year

Isla Vista Engineering and Art club 

Dancing Robot Production!

April 2019~June 2019

Youth Innovation Club teamed up with UCSB Mechanical Engineering Department and UCSB Society of Women Engineering (SWE) and brought the Dancing Robot production to Isla Vista School.  The 5th and 6th graders collaborated with engineering freshmen to design their robots and each robot had a light up stage built by the IV students under the guidance of members from SWE. The new curriculum, designed by Youth Innovation Club, intended to provide an introduction to students about the process of building a modern product - from conceptualizing to realizing an idea, from prototype to final product, and how different disciplines work together for the final deliverables. We hope we created an enjoyable experience for students and were able to inspire them to want to explore more in the world of engineering and design!  

What students said about the program:
"The best part of the program was when we see the robot dance!"   
"My favorite part was building the LED circuit."
"I enjoyed every part of it!" 
What parents said about the program:
"The best part of the program was the opportunity given to my child and the level of confidence she has developed being part of this club! Please don't stop this program, keep up the good work! Thank you." 
"Gentle and thoughtful introduction to engineering."
"The opportunity to learn some basic applied skills, for example, how circuits can control robots."
Some quotes from UCSB participants (engineering freshmen and SWE volunteers):
"It was a good learning experience about how to manage relations/communication with a "client" about what they want versus what we believe is actually feasible."
"Was awesome to see their (IV students) satisfaction when we presented to them what they envisioned!"
"I like working with younger kids. I also ended up learning a lot about circuits and how to program Arduinos"
Program Gallery
IMG_0971 (1).jpg
Final Deliverables!
A light show with all the Arduino Controlled LED stages the 5th and 6th graders built!  All the hard work paid off!  
Dancing robot show at UCSB Engineering Design Expo!
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