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Mission Statement

Expand equitable access to STEM education to middle school students through community-based-learning support that helps to ensure student success in middle school, high school, and beyond.


Our Approach

The following are key aspects of our programs and activities:

Volunteer Mentors 

The greater Santa Barbara area is home to a world-class research university as well as numerous high tech corporations ranging from small start-ups to larger public companies. Consequently, there is a sizeable group of people in the area that both possess the technical expertise to provide guidance and mentorship in STEM fields and are looking to give back to the community that is their home. Many of these individuals also have young children in our schools, and so are particularly motivated to provide support in these areas. Our founder established and continues to grow this network through her many years working in local tech industry coupled with the various STEM outreach programs that she has run. Many of these mentors have already participated in programs and events that we have run and have shown a desire to continue to remain involved.


Partner Organizations

Rather than building entire programs for scratch, we partner with other local organizations that are aligned with our mission and with whom we can work with to achieve our goals. We currently have several partnerships in place with whom we have already successfully piloted several outreach programs, many of which have relied on our network of volunteer mentors and experts.


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